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Regulation of formaldehyde in cosmetic products adapted

Labelling statement " cleaves formaldehyde " for cosmetic products containing a total concentration of more than 0.001% (10 ppm) of cleaved formaldehyde.

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Conformity checks, labelling checks and declaration checks for cosmetic products at WESSLING

Extended list of allergenic fragrances established

Analysis for your cosmetic products: From now on, our cosmetic experts will examine an ex-tended list of allergenic fragrances for you.

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National company of the WESSLING Group changes ownership

Since 28.07.2022 WESSLING Hungary Kft. has new owner

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Viviane Stelzner and Justine Olweny are taking soil material samples for subsequent determination of grain composition.

WESSLING participates in the exchange of professionals with Uganda

For about three weeks, Justine Olweny from Uganda actively supported us at our locations in Mannheim and Altenberge. The international exchange of experts is organised by the Deutsch-Afrikanisches Jugendwerk (German-African Youth Office).

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EU batch release of import products from non-EU countries

For the import of investigational medicinal products or authorised medicinal products

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Strategy Meeting 2022 in Amsterdam

After more than two years of virtual meetings, our colleagues were so pleased to be able to exchange ideas directly with each other again.

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Quality management in the food industry

Legal regulations and customer requirements make high demands on food manufacturers and retailers. Almost without exception, certification according to a GFSI standard is required as proof of food safety. Our experts support you.

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Energy and resource efficiency in the economy: transformation concepts for companies

As part of their climate protection work, many companies aim to optimise their resource and energy efficiency. Customised transformation concepts are a useful tool on the path to greenhouse gas neutrality.

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Beratung für Kosmetik bei WESSLING

Efficacy studies of cosmetic products

Advertising claims used in relation to cosmetic products are regulated by law in the EU. They must be legally compliant, truthful, evidentially supported, honest and fair. We will be happy to conduct the required efficacy tests for you.

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