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Concept for the reliable detection of coronaviruses

WESSLING detects corona infections using PCR analysis and delivers results within 24 hours. The analysis can also detect virus variants and thereby enable tracking of the spread of, for example, the delta variant.

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Detecting gas leaks at industrial plants and technical facilities

Our special camera makes leaks that can negatively impact climate, visible quickly and easily. In this way, operators ensure environmental protection, safety, and economic efficiency at their plant.

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WESSLING checks cosmetic skin care products like the cream shown in the picture as regards compliance with the LFGB.

New regulation for the maximum concentration of salicylic acid in cosmetic products

New: since 17 June 2021, the use of salicylic acid in cosmetic products has been newly regulated. Which product groups and uses are affected by these recent changes?

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The safety and harmlessness of skin care and decorative cosmetics must be demonstrated by marketability certification.

Heavy metals in cosmetic products

With expert advice and laboratory analysis to make cosmetic products safe: what to do when heavy metals, such as lead and cadmium, are found in them? What is the legal framework in this case?

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Green mission in Altenberge

An inclusive team from the Alexianer Werkstätten maintains the outdoor facilities at the com-pany’s headquarters of WESSLING

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Drinking water hygiene in vacant facilities during the corona pandemic

Water is stagnating in the pipes of many buildings during the corona pandemic, so that drinking water quality can be impaired. WESSLING tests whether your tap water still meets the requirements of the Drinking Water Ordinance.

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Official cross check or duplicate samples must also be taken and handed to the manufacturer when sampling creams.

Preservatives – important aids for safe cosmetics

In order to ensure the microbiological safety of cosmetics, the sufficient use of preservatives is an important component. A preservative screening provides the necessary clarity.

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Energy efficiency in horticulture and agriculture: Secure up to 40 percent subsidy now!

Our energy experts advise you on your individual funding options within the framework of the amended funding guidelines for the investment programme “Energy efficiency and CO2 savings in agriculture and horticulture”.

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Update on 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) in UV nail varnishes

Do your UV nail varnishes comply with Regulation (EU) 2020/1682? It is coming into force on 03 June 2021. Anyone producing UV nail varnishes or placing them on the market should have their product range carefully analysed!

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