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Zinc bath

Quality assurance in galvanising plants: in-process analysis of zinc baths

We support galvanising plants with the analysis of zinc baths in the quality assurance of their zinc melt. Our results provide important information on the chemical composition, which needs to be correct for a high-quality zinc coating.

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Regulation (EU) 2019/1148 - new Regulation on the marketing and use of precursors for explosives

This results in new obligations and specific documentation requirements for anyone who produces, imports, places on the market, trades in or otherwise dispenses explosives precursors.

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Pluralibacter gergoviae – a bacterium under constant observation

The health risk of cosmetics contaminated with Pluralibacter gergoviae is and remains the focus of cosmetics producers and authorities. A preservative efficacy test in the course of microbiological testing will provide certainty here.

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Measurement of infectious aerosols, such as COVID-19, in the workplace

Whether in a small workshop, in large production plants or in the office - clean uncontaminated air is a basic requirement for a healthy workplace.

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New legal requirements for colours for tattoos and permanent make-up

Requirements for the labelling and use of certain substances in tattooing products and permanent make-up (PMU) have now been regulated at the European level for the first time.

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Safety and occupational health coordinator – safety and health protection at your construction site

Depending on the type, scope and duration of a construction project, the owner of the building is obliged to appoint a safety and occupational health coordinator (SiGeKo). WESSLING takes over the tasks of a SiGeKo for you.

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industrial plant

IED Directive and Baseline Report (BR) – Shutdown Report (SR) and Monitoring Concept – Requirements for plant operators

The IED Directive imposes obligations on operators of industrial installations for the preparation of baseline reports (BR) and for monitoring.

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IFS Food Version 7 places new demands on food producing companies

Since 1 March 2021, certification in accordance with version 7 of IFS Food has already been optional. From 1 July 2021, these will then be mandatory for all IFS Food certified companies.

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New labelling requirements for wet wipes

From 03 July 2021, wet wipes intended for personal and household care will have to be labelled with the pictogram “Plastic in Product”. Manufacturers are therefore called upon to act.

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