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Energy and resource efficiency in the economy: transformation concepts for companies

As part of their climate protection work, many companies aim to optimise their resource and energy efficiency. Customised transformation concepts are a useful tool on the path to greenhouse gas neutrality.

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Beratung für Kosmetik bei WESSLING

Efficacy studies of cosmetic products

Advertising claims used in relation to cosmetic products are regulated by law in the EU. They must be legally compliant, truthful, evidentially supported, honest and fair. We will be happy to conduct the required efficacy tests for you.

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cooling tower

It's getting warm again - Test cooling towers, evaporative cooling systems and wet separator for legionella now

As temperatures rise, cooling towers, evaporative cooling systems and wet separators can become contaminated with bacteria such as legionella. WESSLING supports plant operators with advice and analysis, also in accordance with the 42nd BImSchV.

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Testing dishwasher resistance after 125 rinsing cycles

Our experts for food contact materials offer manufacturers of tableware, glasses and reusable articles made of plastic the testing of their products according to the standards DIN EN 12875-1 mod. (2005-08) and DIN EN 12875-2 (2002-03).

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Apprenticeship successfully completed after only 2.5 years

Congratulations! Four of the trainees at the WESSLING Altenberge and Münster sites can now officially call themselves chemical laboratory assistants.

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WESSLING life cycle-assessments

This is how to obtain funding for your sustainability projects

Our experts have already successfully supported a large number of projects in the areas of energy efficiency, process optimisation and innovations for agricultural companies, SMEs from industry and large companies.

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Sunscreen products: How to ensure that the sun protection factor is as claimed

With the help of our studies to substantiate efficacy claims, you can ensure the safety and consistent quality of your sun protection products.

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Upcycled bags from WESSLING France

From the exhibition to the bag: how we limited the waste associated with "Pollutec"

Trade fairs are intense, last a few days, and bring together many of a sector’s major players. When preparing our presence at Pollutec 2021, we at WESSLING asked ourselves: how can we present ourselves well but limit waste? Check it out here!

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Land recycling as part of site management

Sheath Ordinance: What will change for project developers, planners, clients, and contractors?

On 1 August 2023, the amendments to the Sheath Ordinance will come into force. To avoid delays in construction projects, the new regulations regarding the handling of soil and construction waste should be dealt with now.

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IFUA is now part of WESSLING

Managing directors of WESSLING GmbH and IFUA Projekt GmbH

WESSLING is expanding with the Bielefeld-based appraisal and expert office IFUA Projekt GmbH.

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