We stand for the rule of law, diversity, tolerance and respect

As an internationally operating family business, our values stand for a free and democratic constitution with a diverse and caring society that is and remains open and tolerant.

Management board WESSLING Germany
upper row, from left.: Florian Wessling, Maik Siebelmann, Anna Wessling / front row, from left: Daniel Lüllmann, Thomas Symura, Sven Polenz, Matthias Reiser

Our team of employees consists of people with a wide variety of personal histories, skin colours, religious backgrounds and lifestyles. 

We therefore take a clear stance against marginalisation, discrimination and xenophobia. They have no place at WESSLING.

Diversity is extremely enriching for us as a company. It is part of our culture, makes us strong as a community and is part of our self-image.

The management board