Pharmceutical analysis at WESSLING

Our GMP-certified laboratory in Münster is a partner for pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of active ingredients, excipients and ready-to-use pharmaceuticals, and hospital pharmacies. Our customers also come from the fields of cosmetics, medical products and dietary supplements.

Arbeit am Sterilitätstest-Isolator

Our laboratory in Münster, also inspected by the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) with a total area of about 1500 sqm, provides you with complete solutions for microbiological and chemical-physical tests.

We provide our customers with fast, professional and reliable services in the field of microbiological and chemical-physical quality control, including stability storage and testing of pharmaceuticals and medical products. Under GMP conditions, we examine pharmaceutical raw materials and ready-to-use pharmaceuticals in all dosage forms (solid, semi-solid and liquid forms).

All activities in our Pharmaceuticals division - analyses, method development and project implementation - are carried out in accordance with the EU-GMP guidelines and in compliance with cGMP. In addition, around twenty annual customer-based audits at the Münster location ensure the quality and worldwide acceptance of our services. In addition, the laboratory location in Münster has a manufacturing permit in accordance with §13 AMG (German Medicines Act).

Interdisciplinary and international

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Complete solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies

With over 70 highly qualified employees in Münster, we support the pharmaceutical industry and hospital pharmacies in the development, quality control, stability storage, and testing of pharmaceuticals and medical products. Through this interdisciplinary and international cooperation we are able to provide our services particularly for microbiological and chemical-physical testing quickly at the highest level.

Our experts provide pharmaceutical quality control as a full service, including batch certification and approval through our QPs. The experts at WESSLING are also experienced in dealing with cytostatics and narcotics. As GMP-certified testing laboratories, we continue to be subject to constant monitoring by the responsible authorities.

In addition, the laboratory has a manufacturing permit in accordance with §13 AMG. Our laboratory has an EU import permit for pharmaceuticals from non-EU countries. This enables us to carry out release tests with QP certification for our partners (EU batch release service). Furthermore, we are licensed to handle narcotics according to § 3 of the German Narcotics Act (BtMG), e.g. for quality control testing of cannabis products.

Your contact for pharmaceutical analysis

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„To protect consumers, pharmaceutical products require particularly thorough quality control. In our GMP-certified laboratory in Münster we provide comprehensive service for all aspects of quality control and approval.“

Burkholderia cepacia complex (Bcc)

Laboratory analysis of pharmaceuticals on Burkholderia cepacia

Burkholderia cepacia is a bacterial species of increasing importance for the pharmaceutical, OTC and cosmetics industries. The WESSLING experts for pharmaceutical analysis have successfully established for the analysis of Bcc in their laboratory. They analyse process water, starting substances and end products for contamination with Bcc according to USP specifications.

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Our devices for pharmaceutical analysis

State-of-the-art equipment at our GMP-certified laboratories

In Münster, we analyse your medical products and pharmaceuticals using the latest analysis technology. Would you like to know more about the equipment of our laboratories? Here you can view the laboratory analytical equipment and instruments of WESSLING.

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Laboratory analysis & consulting

Medical cannabis

WESSLING has the required GMP certificate as well as the anesthetic permission to test cannabis flowers according to DAB for identity, content and purity. We use high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and suitable reference substances to determine the exact concentrations and components of the drug. WESSLING also supports importers of pharmaceutical cannabis in the release of pharmaceuticals with the manufacturing permit according to §13 AMG. In addition, together with our logistics partners, we can take over the complete package of the pharmaceutical service chain

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Water analysis at WESSLING: consulting, sampling and analysis.

Testing of Aqua Purificata and Aqua ad iniectabilia

Pharmaceutical water

We test your purified water (Aqua Purificata) and water for injection purposes, WFI (Aqua ad iniectabilia) through all quality levels for relevant microbiological and chemical parameters. These include total bacterial count, TOC, conductivity, nitrate, heavy metals, visible and invisible particles, in accordance with the specifications of the pharmacopoeias.

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WESSLING joins ALS Limited

The agreement to change ownership to ALS Limited (ALS) that WESSLING Holding GmbH & Co. KG signed on 25 March 2024, has been approved by European authorities. Starting on 3 June 2024, WESSLING became part of ALS.

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WESSLING takes a water sample

Microplastics in drinking water: European Commission adopts standardised methods of analysis

The standardised method for measuring microplastics in water intended for human consumption is a supplement to EU Directive 2020/2184.

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