Sustainability management for the food industry

The topic of sustainability and development based on it is becoming increasingly important. Sustainability strategies and the associated aspects will continue to accompany us in the future.

This change is associated with changes, especially for companies, in order to be able to fulfil the growing requirements. It is therefore important to identify and develop one's own sustainability potential and thus act with a long-term focus.

In the food industry, the IFS has responded by developing a new standard. The so-called ESG Check forms the basis for expanding or developing your company's sustainability performance in the areas of environment, social affairs and corporate governance.


The ESG Check is the certification of sound sustainability management in accordance with the requirements of the IFS. The standard setter uses a modular approach that enables companies to determine their status quo with regard to sustainability management by means of self-assessment. The requirements cover the areas of environmental, social and corporate governance. Both the structure and the assessment system are aimed at continuously improving the company's internal performance. The standard is therefore aimed at companies that are still in the early stages of sustainability management. It is also suitable for those who have already developed and implemented a concept but would like to optimise and expand it. We are happy to support you in both the introduction and expansion of tools to improve your sustainability performance.

Our range of sustainability management services for the food industry:

  • Support with the introduction or expansion of sustainability management in accordance with IFS ESG Check
  • Carrying out the self-assessment of your company required by ESG Check
  • Accompanying the external certification audit
  • Planning and organising in-house training courses for your team

In addition to setting up a sustainability management system, it is important to implement measures that contribute to improving the company's internal sustainability performance in the long term. One option may be to change or expand the product range. By using more plant-based foods, the ecological footprint can be reduced.

I am happy to be there for you - together we will clarify your specific needs!

„Sustainability is a matter close to my heart. Let's work together to find out how you can generate your company's profits in an even more responsible and resource-conserving way.“