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Our 1,200 employees are committed to the continuous improvement of quality, safety, health and environmental protection. You will find our current job offers here.

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Within our company, many hundreds of clever minds and unique individuals ensure that the quality of life in all fields improves on a daily basis. Or to put it simply: "Quality of Life". Our company slogan conveys the essence of the diversity of our knowledge and skills. Each and every employee contributes to safe and high-quality products, to environmental and climate protection, to the sparing use of resources and energy and to human health. At 22 sites. In Germany, Europe and China.

This demanding task can only be achieved by good collaboration in cooperative teams that jointly identify the better solution in each case. So consider yourself invited, as a finder of solutions, to commit to our knowledge company, the international WESSLING Group, with its wealth of expertise, languages and cultures.

WESSLING drone flight

Cooperation with the University of Münster (WWU)

Land recycling: drone flying over the former Opel plant

The use of a drone at the site of the former Opel plant 1 in Bochum was tested in a joint project conducted by WESSLING, the Institute of Landscape Ecology and the Institute for Geoinformatics at the University of Münster (WWU). WESSLING initiated the cooperation and thus supported the study project of Pia Pickenbrock from the IfgiCopter work group.

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Survey amongst 55,000 students

WESSLING one of Germany's top employers

WESSLING performed outstandingly in the biggest employer study and came in amongst the top 100 in Germany. The results of the "Trendence Absolventenbarometer 2018" were published in the "CHEManager" magazine. They show which employers and industries are particularly popular amongst natural sciences students and the criteria according to which they select a job.

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WESSLING cycles with JobRad

Around a hundred bicycles are already underway

WESSLING Germany is hitting the pedals with JobRad

Whether it be a standard bicycle, an e-bike or a trekking bicycle – WESSLING Germany has been offering colleagues the opportunity to inexpensively lease their personally desired bicycle with the support of the company since April 2017. Around a hundred bikes are already underway around Germany!

Cooperation with the University of Münster (WWU) 1 / 3


WESSLING joins ALS Limited

The agreement to change ownership to ALS Limited (ALS) that WESSLING Holding GmbH & Co. KG signed on 25 March 2024, has been approved by European authorities. Starting on 3 June 2024, WESSLING became part of ALS.

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WESSLING takes a water sample

Microplastics in drinking water: European Commission adopts standardised methods of analysis

The standardised method for measuring microplastics in water intended for human consumption is a supplement to EU Directive 2020/2184.

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