Since 1983 - the WESSLING family business

In 1983 Dr Erwin Weßling laid the foundation stone for the company in Altenberge and wrote the first chapter in its success story.

One generation later, the story is still being told as Julia, Florian, Anna and Diana Weßling lead the international WESSLING Group and its 1,200 employees into the future.

A restored windmill in the heart of the Münsterland dating back to the 18th century was the site  Dr Erwin Weßling chose for the first chemical laboratory in the life of the young company. WESSLING then went on to set up one site after another throughout Germany – and in international locations from 1992 onwards. 40 years after its foundation, the group has sites at 22 locations in Europe and China.

Rise to international analysis and consultancy service provider

As the company continues to grow, it still abides by its principles. WESSLING remains true to the name it made for itself in the beginning, enjoying an enviable reputation for consultancy based on engineering and scientific expertise geared to the specific requirements of the customers and known for its precise analysis methods and test results.

The handover of the baton to the next generation

The site of the first WESSLING laboratory in Münsterland

1983: founding of the company

Dr Erwin Weßling founds the first chemical laboratory of the group of companies in Altenberge/Münsterland with a focus on water analysis. A restored mill serves as the location for the laboratory.

WESSLING location Lyon

1999: WESSLING in France

The expansion of the European network advances with the opening of a subsidiary in Lyon.

English is the language used for international communications at WESSLING

2005: English becomes the company language

Further sites are added. With branches in Hungary, France, Germany and Romania, communication is becoming increasingly international. In order to ensure a smooth exchange of information and knowledge with the customer and with all the sites, WESSLING introduces English as the company language.

The family of entrepreneurs congratulates the winners of the WESSLING Innovation Award

2008: the WESSLING Innovation Award is launched

Recognising that innovations serving the needs of the customers are the driving force behind further development, WESSLING launches the Innovation Award in a quest to find the best ideas and reward the winner each year with a prize of 10,000 euro.

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WESSLING opens a branch in China

2011: WESSLING opens a branch in China

In opening the branch in Shanghai/China, the company also builds a bridge to Asia to meet the demands of customers there. The site is successfully developed over several years by Anna Weßling.

Company founder Dr Erwin Weßling, Julia and Florian Weßling (managing partners), Anna and Diana Weßling (partners)

2015: the next generation of the family

“We are looking forward to steering the family business towards a successful future.” Julia, Florian, Anna and Diana Weßling take over responsibility as Dr Erwin Weßling passes the baton on to the next generation. Preparations had been made for the succession in a process spanning several years. And yet the handover ceremony is a particularly solemn moment.

2021: The IFUA in Bielefeld is taken over

IFUA (Institut für Umwelt-Analyse / Institute for Environmental Analysis) in Bielefeld is taken over and complements the range of WESSLING engineering services.

2023: 40 years of WESSLING

The family business WESSLING turns 40 years - a reason to celebrate!

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Impressions of 40 years of WESSLING

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