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Support against Coronavirus: WESSLING France tests concentration of ethanol in disinfectants

WESSLING France supports manufacturers of disinfectants by using their expertise and the recently opened alcohol laboratory at our site in Paris to analyse the concentration of ethanol in hydroalcoholic products.

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China post corona crisis: resuming trade and projects

After the corona crisis in China has subsided, the economy will resume. Entry from one of the countries classified by China as “risk countries” currently has several restrictions attached to it. Here, our WESSLING experts in China will assist you.

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cannabis medication

Analysis of terpenes in cannabis medication

WESSLING provides terpene profiles of cannabis medication for customers. From these profiles, conclusions can be drawn about the freshness of products, such as time of harvest, processing, cultivation and storage conditions.

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WESSLING updates its active substance range

WESSLING is your partner for modern and efficient analyses of pesticide residues.

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Feed analysis: WESSLING is officially registered as a GMP+ laboratory

GMP+ certified companies can continue to rely on WESSLING. Since 1 January 2020, feed companies certified according to GMP+ may only conduct analyses for certain contaminants in a GMP+-registered laboratory.

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The countdown has begun: improved nutritional labelling with Nutri-Score®

France is showing the way: food may soon be labelled with colours from green to red and a letter between A and E. WESSLING will be pleased to support you in calculating Nutri-Score® and providing advice on this subject.

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Cup of tea

New study shows: microplastics in tea via plastic tea bags

A Canadian study recently found that tea bags made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and nylon released a high volume of microplastic particles when infused with hot water.

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frozen vegetables

Chlorate residues in food

WESSLING monitors compliance with the limit values of chlorate in plant and animal food products. By using chlorinated water in the various stages of food production, chlorate can be absorbed into vegetables and fruit.

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Winners of the Green Alley Awards 2019 © Kathrin Heller

WESSLING cooperation partner Flustix wins Crowd Award

WESSLING cooperation partner Flustix was awarded the special prize 'Seedmatch Crowd Award' at the Green Alley Awards 2019 for the sustainable use of plastics – Congratulations!

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