Air monitoring – we ensure the quality of your air

In order to protect the environment and people from the harmful effects of air pollutants, the legislator has established directives and limits for maintaining air quality.

WESSLING air monitoring technician checks dust measuring device.

Air pollution from commercial and industrial installations must therefore be regularly monitored and assessed by an air monitoring system. The WESSLING measuring station, notified in accordance with § 29b of the Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG), performs the following tasks for you: With officially recognized expertise and state-of-the-art measuring technology, we determine the concentrations of air pollutants down to trace amounts.

Measuring station: We determine your air data

The capabilities of our measuring station include emission measurements, performance testing and calibration of continuous monitoring systems, as well as hazardous substance measurements in the workplace and room air measurements. We identify harmful substances and additionally support our customers with special measuring technology, for example for optimising waste gas treatment plants or compressed air quality.

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Detecting penetration paths of radon

Radon in construction land and buildings

Radon (Rn-222) is a naturally occurring radioactive noble gas that is formed in the ground from the radioactive decay of rocks containing uranium. It can penetrate buildings through leaks. The amendment to the Radiation Protection Act of 31 December 2018 provides for measurements and, if necessary, protective measures for workplaces and recreation rooms. WESSLING uses active measuring devices to search for the penetration paths of radon.

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Mobile compressed air measurement stand

Food hygiene: Compressed air in production processes

Guaranteeing food hygiene makes very high demands on the food industry. Our extensive services include audits, HACCP concepts, sampling and training courses. We also use our mobile test bench to check the use of compressed air in production processes and thereby protect your food from contamination.

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Painter painting a wall

Quality control of consumer products by emission testing

Analysing in our test chambers is recommended for safe materials such as building products, indoor products and furnishings such as furniture or electrical appliances. Wall paints, floor coverings and even electrical appliances can potentially release harmful substances into the air that we breathe. We perform material and emission tests for you.

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Detecting penetration paths of radon 1 / 3

Measuring workplace and environmental limit values for chromium trioxide in compliance with the law

New: With the use of the authorisation for chromium trioxide (chromium(VI) oxide), industrial companies are obliged to comply with and measure required workplace and environmental values.

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Measurement of infectious aerosols, such as COVID-19, in the workplace

Whether in a small workshop, in large production plants or in the office - clean uncontaminated air is a basic requirement for a healthy workplace.

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