WESSLING receives research seal “Innovation through Research“

With its research seal “Innovation through Research”, the Stifterverband honours organisations involved in research for their special communal and social responsibility. Both innovation and research are fields that are specifically promoted at WESSLING and have been central pillars for sustainable success since the founding of the company. For example, we are active in research projects with partners from science and industry, such as the projects sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research “MikroPlastiCarrier” and “Tyre wear in the environment (RAU)”. Our expertise is in demand in a wide range of specialist committees and every year we award the WESSLING Innovation Award.

seal "Innovative through Research" by the Stifterverband

Customer specifications and constantly changing market requirements as motivating force

Dynamically changing market requirements and the use of new technologies have always been the motivating force, at WESSLING, behind the development of new services and the continuous expansion of the product range. “At the same time, our scientists and engineers are characterised by the fact that we always pay close attention to our customers’ needs,” stresses entrepreneur Diana Weßling. “And that is just the right mix for developing custom-fit innovative solutions.”

Please find more information about the Stifterverband and the research seal “Innovation through Research” here.