WESSLING participates in the exchange of professionals with Uganda

For about three weeks, Justine Olweny, Program Director at Water Access Consulting in Uganda, actively supported us during an international exchange of experts by the Deutsch-Afrikanisches Jugendwerk (DJAW). He gained insights into the corporate structure and business units of WESSLING and accompanied our engineers in various projects. In addition to the Mannheim location, Justine got to know the company headquarters in Altenberge, and the laboratories located there. Viviane Stelzner is taking part in the exchange programme for WESSLING and is expected to travel to Uganda in late summer to gain experience in Water Access Consulting.

Viviane Stelzner and Justine Olweny are taking soil material samples for subsequent determination of grain composition.
Viviane Stelzner and Justine Olweny are taking soil material samples for subsequent determination of grain composition.

In Uganda, the fields that Justine Olweny focusses on include hygiene solutions, water conservation, sanitation solutions and sustainability. He was able to contribute this expertise during the three exchange weeks at WESSLING and was quickly involved in project monitoring to learn, for example, more about the work processes in project management. These included contaminated site remediation, subsoil investigations and building pollutants. He also assisted us in taking soil samples for waste declaration and topsoil sampling, and accompanied our colleagues on field visits, such as auger drilling on-site.

Justine Olweny can now look back on a very intense three weeks. He was particularly impressed by our open and uncomplicated communication structure within project management. He also confirmed to us at the end how beneficial he found this professional exchange: “During my internship at WESSLING, I learned various skills, from technical processes to communication and planning. I will use these new experiences to effectively support the young professionals in my country through the platform I am working with, including Water Access Consulting. The professional exchange sparked a desire in me to operate and manage the technical aspect of water and environmental discipline in a growing company in sub-Saharan Africa.”

For us, the first part of this exchange of professionals was already very enriching. We will of course also update you here about the second part and are already very much looking forward to Viviane Stelzner’s report on her experiences in Uganda.

Successful cooperation between SES, DAJW, Engagement Global and BMZ

The exchange is implemented by the Senior Experten Service (SES) in cooperation with DAJW, Engagement Global and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development. Their aim is to promote encounters between different cultures, exchange perspectives and establish sustainable contacts across continents. These personal connections are intended to strengthen long-term institutional cooperation and partnerships that can help address global sustainability issues together.