Stability tests for cosmetic products

The demand on the stability of cosmetic products is immense. During their stated shelf life, neither internal nor external factors, such as temperature fluctuations, or UV radiation, may negatively influence the specification or safety of the product.

To ensure this in advance, product-specific stability tests are conducted. The individual test parameters are based on the properties, ingredients, and requirements of the cosmetic product: Is the product microbiologically susceptible? Will the valuable ingredients remain intact over time? And is the packaging material compatible with the product?


EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009

The framework for the safety of cosmetic products is set by the EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009, which stipulates that a cosmetic product must be safe under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use. The assessment of safety is carried out within the framework of the safety assessment of the product (Annex I) and, depending on the product, requires tests for microbiological and chemical/physical stability. ISO/TR 1881/2018 serves as a guideline here.


Determining the shelf life of a cosmetic product: BBD & PAO

Our experts carry out stability tests in accordance with the IFSCC Monograph No.2 and the COLIPA publication “Guidelines on Stability Testing”, March 2004. Determined periods of product shelf life (BBD/PAO) always have an orienting character. This means that they give a well-founded indication of the probable shelf life of a cosmetic agent, but do not replace storage and testing of the product under real conditions.

Quality assurance - neutral and independent. We provide you with competent and targeted advice on the selection of test parameters, practical implementation, and the assessment of stability tests on your cosmetic product. Of course, we will also be happy to prepare the complete safety report for the safe placing of your product on the market.

At WESSLING, a network of efficient laboratories with a comprehensive range of analytical services is at your disposal. State-of-the-art measurement technology and efficient processes ensure the fast, punctual and economical delivery of results.

Our services for the stability of your products:

  • Microbiological tests in compliance with ISO 17516 or ISO 11930
  • Key data on the product: density, viscosity, pH value, aW value and others
  • Sensory testing: appearance, odour, and consistency
  • Oxidation stability and fat parameters: Acid value, peroxide value
  • Detection of active cosmetic substances & vitamins
  • Allergenic fragrances incl. Majantol
  • Conformity and resistance of packaging


In addition, we offer you:

  • Residue analyses
  • Dermatological and clinical trials
  • Expert services
  • Test plan preparation: advice on the choice of appropriate parameters for the individual properties of your cosmetic product
  • Marketing: WESSLING quality seal

Stability tests for cosmetic products – your contact person

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