Safe eyelash glue thanks to ophthalmological tests

Whether for a party or in everyday life - artificial eyelashes provide the right eye look and are becoming increasingly popular as a beauty accessory. They are attached with the help of a special adhesive. Since it is used in the immediate vicinity of the eyes, its safety is of utmost importance. The glue must not irritate the eyes or the sensitive skin of the eyelids, or even have harmful effects on health.

Ophthalmological and dermatological tests for eyelash glue

Here, ophthalmological and dermatological tests provide proof that the eyelash glue has been appropriately tested and found to be safe for use near the eyes. This is because laws and regulations governing the safety of cosmetic products and their ingredients are usually extremely strict. They require that decorative cosmetics be extensively tested before they are marketed. So in the specific case of eyelash glue, manufacturers must ensure that the product is safe for use near the eyes and has no harmful effects. This is often achieved as part of a safety report through ophthalmological tests conducted under the supervision of ophthalmologists. 

Our WESSLING experts will be happy to assist you. Thanks to our ophthalmological and dermatological tests for eyelash adhesives, you will obtain an important safety aspect so that your eyelash adhesive can be introduced into your target markets in conformity with the law. 

You can also obtain the safety report, which is mandatory in the European Union, from WESSLING.

Legal requirements for cosmetic products in the EU and the USA

Some countries have specific requirements for cosmetic products used near the eyes. They may need to be approved by a regulatory authority before they can be sold on the market.

In the European Union, the safety of cosmetic products is regulated by the Cosmetics Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009. This regulation sets strict requirements for cosmetic products, including the requirement that they are safe for their intended use and have no harmful effects on health. The regulation also requires that manufacturers demonstrate the safety of their products and conduct the necessary tests before they can be sold on the market.

In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the safety of cosmetic products and requires that manufacturers prove the safety of their products before they can be sold on the market. The FDA also has specific requirements for products used near the eyes, and these products must often pass an ophthalmology test to ensure their safety.

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