The countdown has begun: improved nutritional labelling with Nutri-Score®

France is showing the way: food may soon be labelled with colours from green to red and a letter between A and E. WESSLING will be pleased to support you in calculating Nutri-Score® and providing advice on this subject.

With Nutri-Score®, a five-level scale from A to E shows the overall score for the nutritional value of a product. This is done by offsetting the number of calories and nutrients that are favourable or unfavourable in terms of nutritional physiology. Colours (green to red) help with orientation. In this way, different food products of the same category can be compared easily. Within a product group, for example, a product with a green A is more likely to contribute to a healthy diet than a product with a red E.

Fruit and vegetables, nuts, pulses, nutritionally beneficial oils (walnut oil, rapeseed oil and olive oil), proteins and dietary fibres are considered to be favourable. Unfavourable are “calories”, sugar, salt and saturated fatty acids. Other ingredients of the food are not considered.

In order to calculate Nutri-Score®, food products are divided into these categories: solid or liquid food, cheese, fats and oils and beverages. There is a separate calculation instruction for each category.

Please note: It is not always possible to derive Nutri-Score® from the nutritional value table and the list of ingredients. The information on dietary fibres and the sum of fruit and vegetables, nuts, pulses and nutritionally beneficial oils (walnut oil, rapeseed oil and olive oil) is usually not available. For dried ingredients and concentrates there are further special calculation formulas.

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