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“Good Manufacturing Practice” for cosmetic products, GMP cosmetics for short, has been, over the past few years, been finding its way into the manufacturing practice of many cosmetics producing companies. The reason behind this is the EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009, which requires cosmetics producers to manufacture their products in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (Article 8). The central guideline at both national and EU level for Good Manufacturing Practice is the standard DIN EN ISO 22716.

Production facilities for manufacturing cosmetics according to GMP and the EU Cosmetics Directive.

A statement of compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice must also be provided as part of the product information file (PIF), which needs to be created for each cosmetic product placed on the market (Article 11 of EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009).

Compliance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice is thus legally binding for all cosmetics producers (responsible persons).

All EU member states are required to monitor compliance with the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice by the respective producers or responsible persons (Article 22). This results in a need for action for many cosmetics producers, but also for distribution and trading companies or pharmaceutical producers with a complementary cosmetics portfolio.

We have the required expertise to certify your company in compliance with the GMP standards for cosmetics.

We support you on-site at your production facility to ensure the quality and safety of your cosmetics. For this purpose, the experienced experts of WESSLING are always available for you. As an important part of your quality assurance, our experts audit and certify your production processes and environment within the framework of the GMP Cosmetics Regulation.

The objective view of our experts also enables you to make an independent assessment of your industrial hygiene measures. An on-site inspection is essential for this. We would also be happy to train your employees in how to work hygienically in your production process.

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