Finalised publication of updated EFSA risk assessment on MOH in food

This is an update to our news Determination and assessment of mineral oil hydrocarbons (MOH) in food from August: on September 13, 2023, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published the final version of the Update of the risk assessment of mineral oil hydrocarbons on food. In addition, EFSA has made available a simplified summary of the risk assessment and an infographic on its homepage.

Update of the EFSA risk assessment of mineral oil hydrocarbons in food

Performing food analysis in the laboratory: laboratory technicians during the examination for residues and contaminants

The conclusions reached in the final version of the risk assessment do not differ to those in the draft:

EFSA currently considers the risk to public health from exposure to MOSH to be unlikely (65-95% certainty).

The current data is not sufficient for a meaningful risk assessment of MOAH with three or more aromatic rings. However, it is considered highly likely (99-100% certainty) that dietary exposure to MOAH with three or more aromatic rings for young children will prove to be a potential risk to their health. For other age groups, the possibility of health risk is considered probable (certainty > 66 %). The data situation for a risk assessment of MOAH with one or two rings is still unreliable.

EFSA recommends that the data situation regarding the risk assessment of petroleum hydrocarbons, particularly regarding the toxicity of MOAH, be further developed. It also recommends that the identification of sources of contamination by petroleum hydrocarbons be pursued and that analytical methods be further optimised.

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