Energy efficiency in horticulture and agriculture: Secure up to 40 percent subsidy now!

Since September 2020 the amended funding guidelines for the investment programme “Energy efficiency and CO2 savings in agriculture and horticulture” has been in force. Our WESSLING energy experts advise farmers and horticultural businesses individually on suitable funding options and will also prepare the required funding applications.

The following measures are now being promoted by the federal government in the field of agriculture and horticulture:

Individual measures (up to 30% subsidy)

  • Retrofitting or conversion of individual, technically highly efficient plant components.

Modernisation and new construction of energy-efficient plants (30 to 40 % subsidy)

  • Process and procedural conversion to energy-efficient technologies
  • Measures on systems for heat supply, cooling, and ventilation

Regenerative self-energy generation and waste heat utilisation (up to 40% subsidy)

  • Solar collector systems, photovoltaic systems, geothermal energy

Mobile machinery and devices (up to 40% subsidy)

  • Electrification of mobile machinery

Our advice on funding for developing energy and CO2 savings potentials can also be subsidised, in a package at 80 per cent, by the federal government.

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