Efficacy studies and ophthalmological tests of cosmetic products

Advertising claims in connection with cosmetic products are regulated by legal requirements within the EU. The Cosmetics Regulation Directive EC 1223/2009 in conjunction with EC 655/2013 stipulates that all claims must be true, substantiated, honest and sincere.

Only correctly labelled products are marketable and may be sold to consumers.

The proof of such advertising claims is usually provided by efficacy studies in the form of home use tests, volunteer studies or content determinations of value-adding ingredients. For certain ingredients in connection with the use of a claim, proof of the minimum quantity must be available.

For cosmetic products that are used on the face or around the eyes, it is recommended to carry out an ophthalmological test. Here, the eye compatibility is checked in order to be able to place statements such as “no tears” or “does not burn the eyes” on the packaging.

Our cosmetic specialists offer you a wide range of services to prove efficacy testing. This includes the testing of skin and eye compatibility. Even under pandemic conditions, we can provide our customers with this service without any restriction.


Efficacy studies and ophthalmological tests

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