Detecting gas leaks at industrial plants and technical facilities

Gas escapes unnotives from many industrial plants. In many cases, these are gases that are harmful to the climate, such as methane or other volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This may affect natural gas plants, overland pipelines, or other technical installations.

These invisible and mostly undetected gas losses, so-called fugitive emissions, can result in considerable economic losses for plant operators.

More and more attention is also being paid to their negative impact on climate. So, in terms of climate protection, there is an urgent need for operators to have their systems regularly checked for gases escaping unnoticed.

Special camera detects climate-damaging gas leaks

A special camera from the WESSLING energy efficiency specialists can track down leaks quickly and easily. With the help of this camera, leaks are made visible directly on-site and documented by photo and video. In this way, the leaks and the resulting gas leakage can be localised and remedied as quickly as possible.

The experts at WESSLING have had extensive experience in this field for over ten years and have already inspected over 1,000 biogas plants and gas injection plants throughout Europe. Our inspections are not only useful for plants that have been in operation for many years, but new plants can also have leaks. Using a special camera therefore offers operators a cost-effective and efficient way to ensure environmental protection, safety, and economic efficiency at their plant.

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Hessam Suer
„Natural gas is a fossil energy source and yet plays an important role in energy transition. Its consumption should therefore always be designed to be as climate-friendly as possible. We are happy to assist you.“