WESSLING Innovation Award 2023: Innovation is the core of WESSLING approach

For 40 years now, WESSLING has placed innovation at the heart of its approach. The creation of the WESSLING Innovation Award in 2008 bears witness to this. Every year since then, outstanding ideas have been rewarded with this prize for WESSLING Group employees.

These new ideas are essential to the company's success in a constantly changing world. Working alongside our customers is a driving force for innovation, enabling us to respond to our customers' specific needs while at the same time promoting a mutual transfer of knowledge. It is from this close collaboration that many innovations that benefit us all are born.Therefore, the WESSLING Innovation Award, endowed with €10,000, is designed to encourage innovation within the company and reward committed employees.

In the year of its fortieth anniversary, the WESSLING Group celebrated the WESSLING Innovation Award during a digital ceremony, and looked back on the winners of the last fifteen years. This innovation-friendly environment has been nurtured not only by WESSLING as a learning company , but also by the close interdisciplinary collaboration that exists within the company. 

winners of WESSLING Innovation Award 2023

In light of this, for the sixteenth year running, WESSLING has rewarded these innovative employees. After being put to the vote, 3 of the 4 innovations presented during the virtual ceremony were rewarded. Discover the 3 winners:

The second life of water

Kévin Verdan and Guillaume Charvet came up with the idea of recovering more of the water rejected during the demineralisation process for reuse within buildings. Thanks to this innovation, the water demineralisation system will be able to recover the portion of water previously discharged into the sewer to supply sanitary facilities or water plants. The project involves connecting the discharge from the demineralisation system to a 1000 litre tank, which will be connected to an auxiliary sanitary supply network. In case of a water shortage in the tank, the city network will take over to supply the toilets. This innovation is a perfect example for the company's self-conception as being a solution finder in the environmental sector. 

New control/monitoring chart model and system

Control cards are a quality requirement and are used by laboratories to check the conformity of analyses on an ongoing basis. As part of a drive to modernise and use the latest technologies, a new model for control and follow-up cards has been created and developed by Mathieu Noirault, Alexandra Guttin and Valentine Sécher

The new model and system enables rapid, functional validation, simple card re-evaluation and essential traceability in Google Sheets format.

The new system is now in use in the majority of laboratories at the WESSLING Lyon site.

Monitoring the impact of marketing and communication activities on our company's overall performance

This innovation, imagined and initiated by Sagessa Raesch and then developed by Charles Roy and Hédi Ben Belgacem, consists in integrating a new functionality into the LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System). This offers several options for indicating the origin of the contact. The creation of this dashboard makes it possible to track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns for the first time, providing data on the number of new contacts and revenues generated, split by specific sales and marketing activities.

Congratulations to all winners of the WESSLING Innovation Award 2023!