WESSLING expands with new microplastics lab

Whether it is the detection of microplastics in water, soil, compost, air or from textiles, consumer goods and in food – the Europe-wide demand for microplastics analysis and related consulting services is increasing. Our microplastics experts are also aware of this, and in response we have opened a new microplastics laboratory at the company's location in Bochum.

Microplastic filtration unit under the laminar flow box
Microplastic filtration unit under the laminar flow box

From now on, even more samples can be processed within the 80 additional square metres of modern laboratory space. “We have tailored the structure and equipment of the laboratory precisely to the special requirements of microplastics analysis”, explains Business Unit Manager Dr Jens Reiber. “These include special laboratory airlocks and a multistage filtered fresh air supply as well as the use of laminar flow boxes to prevent contamination by air particles. Since microplastic particles can now be detected almost everywhere, including in the air, these are indispensable precautions for reliable analysis results.”

The analysis is conducted by an experienced team that has already built up comprehensive expertise in the field of microplastics analysis over many years. WESSLING is currently one of the few laboratories in Europe that can conduct sampling, sample preparation and analysis of microplastics in environmental and food samples on such a scale. This is also reflected in the intensive cooperation between the locations of WESSLING in eight other countries in Europe and China.

The company has also been active in various research projects for several years, including the EU-funded project “MikroPlastiCarrier” and “Tyre abrasion in the environment” (RAU) of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). Together with partners from industry and science, expertise is pooled and research on microplastics, which is still in its infancy, is jointly advanced.

A look inside our new microplastics lab