Update from the WESSLING bees

The honeyharvest 2023 is coming to an end. At our company headquarters in Altenberge we have now spun the last honey as well. The yields were very good: We extracted over 40 kilos of honey from the combs of our two bee colonies, so the WESSLING bees really did a great job!

And how does the year continue for our bees now?

Our bees do not rest: They are already preparing for winter by collecting honey supplies until October. In addition, the so-called winter bees hatch from August and are raised by the bee colony which costs the insects a lot of energy. 

When temperatures then slowly become cooler towards autumn, the insects form a "winter cluster". They "snuggle up" - so to speak - very tightly to keep each other warm - real teamwork! During the winter, the bees stay in their hives, and the honey they collect is used during this time as food and also to heat the hive.

Some impressions of our WESSLING bees and the 2023 honey harvest can be found here in our photo gallery