Joint running experience across 6 national borders in compliance with corona protection measures

"As an employer, keeping all our employees healthy is one of our central corporate goals. We support our employees in the best possible way in staying healthy with targeted programmes and varied activities - both during working hours and outside," explains Anna Wessling, managing shareholder of the international service company WESSLING with more than 1600 employees.

Team spirit beyond national borders: Employees from six countries of the international WESSLING Group ran more than 3000 kilometres in a very short time.

Virtual running event strengthens sports and team spirit

Its employees have always been very enthusiastic about running. That is why WESSLING was happy to cover the costs of participating in various running events, which naturally could not take place in the usual way in 2020. That is why the WESSLING experts created an innovative alternative with the first Virtual WESSLING Run, thus combining digitalisation with health promotion and team building.

51 colleagues from six countries registered for the run in an app and off they went! Within seven days in October the kilometres run by them were registered in the app. The final score was an impressive 3,204 kilometres! That is more than the distance of a run through all six participating countries Switzerland, France, Germany, Poland, Hungary and Romania.

But not only that: Regardless of whether the colleagues had covered long distances or counted their kilometres on their familiar route - they did it with a unique WESSLING team spirit. "Suddenly pictures of personal running moments were shared in the app, cheering and congratulating each other on everyone's great successes", says Anna Wessling, who is pleased about this successful example of a sense of togetherness in times of contact restrictions.

Focus on health at WESSLING

Maintaining and promoting the physical and mental health of all employees is a central corporate objective at WESSLING. A company health management system is part of the management system of the family business. Offers are deliberately arranged in a broad variety so that as many people as possible can find the offer that suits their preferences. For example, there is the possibility of bicycle leasing, the so-called job bike. Through cooperation with company fitness providers, WESSLING employees also have the opportunity to do sports throughout Germany at attractive prices. The company currently offers flu vaccinations during working hours so that employees start the cold season well protected.

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