Home compostables: WESSLING France now certified by DIN CERTCO

WESSLING France is now one of the few French laboratories certified by DIN CERTCO to conduct compostability and biodegradability tests. WESSLING GreenLab is certified as OK HOME compost, OK INDUSTRIAL compost and Seedling.

DIN CERTCO Certification

Since September 2022, manufacturers of packaging or compostable products can call on the experts of WESSLING France if they are aiming for a DIN CERTCO certification. The equivalent TÜV AUSTRIA certification was obtained by WESSLING in February 2022. 

From now on, a product tested and validated by WESSLING France can directly receive one or more certifications, depending on the target market and the tests performed and validated. 

WESSLING may now issue the following certifications:

  • OK HOME Compost (TÜV Austria)
  • OK Compost INDUSTRIAL (TÜV Austria)
  • Seedling

The cooperation with WESSLING France offers customers a number of clear advantages: 

  • The tests are carried out by our independent laboratory and recognised by two independent organisations.
  • The tests start within 15 days after receipt of the samples.
  • WESSLING France is eligible for the Research Tax Credit: by developing new products with us you can benefit from the CIR.
  • The WESSLING GreenLab is located in France, in Isère more precisely. A product or packaging made in France can also be tested in France and thus be entirely "made in France".

The logos for the DIN CERTCO certifications:

These logos can be requested by our customers from DIN CERTCO after tests validated by WESSLING France within the WESSLING GreenLab.

Your contact to our colleague of WESSLING France

Feel free to contact directly in English or French.

Remy Reboulet