From Westphalia to an international course

From local to (almost) global - the history of the WESSLING Group began small and contemplative 40 years ago with the first laboratory in a Dutch windmill in Hansell. Company founder Dr Erwin Weßling, gardener, chemist, Westphalian and agile spirit, saw what the world needed: certainty. What is in the soil? What is in the water? The answer formed the foundation stone for the WESSLING Group, which today operates internationally: analytics with precision and reliability.

Are looking forward to continuing to move the company sustainably into the future: (from left): Diana, Julia, Florian and Anna Weßling

Over the past 40 years, the idea of quality and reliability has been applied to more and more fields: environmental analysis of many kinds, testing of foodstuffs, engineering services, analysis of pharmaceutical products, as well as additional consulting services in these and other areas. Thus, the WESSLING Group has gradually grown with its tasks not only beyond the borders of North Rhine-Westphalia, but also beyond the borders of Germany. Today, 22 locations in five countries in Europe and China are part of the company. 1200 employees are at work to improve the quality and safety of products and processes for their customers or to optimise environmental and health protection.

Family business in the second generation

Today, the family business is run by the second generation. "A major asset continues to be our strong relationship with our customers. We know exactly what our customers' needs and challenges are. This is how we constantly develop our services in close exchange with them and at the same time are always open to innovative solutions," says Anna Weßling, Managing Shareholder of the WESSLING Group. The innovative spirit of earlier times still exists today and is intensively promoted in the company. One important element is the annual WESSLING Innovation Award. Since 2012, the best ideas of the employees have been awarded the prize of 10,000 euros - an important component that contributes to the success of the company in the market.

Combining many years of experience with a fresh spirit of innovation

Of course, all this is only possible with committed employees, many of whom have been loyal to the company for decades. Many years of experience paired with the fresh wind of young colleagues in various teams brings a spirit of innovation. This, together with the constant flow of new and exciting customer enquiries, is what drives the shareholder family on a daily basis and allows them to look confidently at new questions on the market: "We are looking forward to continuing to move the company into the future in a sustainable manner together with our employees," says Anna Weßling.

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Anne-Kathrin Ammermann