From the exhibition to the bag: how we limited the waste associated with "Pollutec"

Trade fairs are intense, last a few days, and bring together many of a sector’s major players. They are important for trade and business development. We also know that they create a lot of waste, which involves quite often little recycling or no recycling at all. When preparing our presence at Pollutec 2021, we at WESSLING asked ourselves: how can we present ourselves well but limit waste? Or how can we intelligently reuse the materials used? 

Upcycled bags from WESSLING France

The daily mission of WESSLING is to improve the quality of life. The detection of multiple pollutants elevates employees’ awareness in this matter. Participating effectively in a trade fair while remaining true to the values of the company and the employees involved was therefore a challenge. 

Challenge partially met @ Pollutec 2021

The challenge: To create an attractive and visually impactful WESSLING stand while avoiding discarding it after the 4 days after Pollutec's exhibition. 

The solution provided: To meet this challenge, the team organising the exhibition decided to use a tarpaulin to cover the wall and not a rigid support that would be discarded. After the show and before a complete demolition, the team removed the tarpaulin wall to bring it to the company “Reversible” also located in the Lyon region. Following several exchanges and the associated order, the company launched the production of about twenty bags created from the said tarpaulin. 

These bags are gifts offered to customers who were present on our stand and who helped the good cause. 

In the same vein, at ExpoBiogaz 2021, we purchased a tarpaulin partition that could be reused in the future on a stand of the same size. 

Our approach is a first step that is not intended to be enough. We are aware that it can and must be accentuated in the future in order to continuously reduce our impact.

You can read more about the topic of sustainability and the ecological orientation of WESSLING Germany in the declaration of conformity according to the German Sustainability Code (GSC):

The created bags:

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