Fragrance allergens in cosmetic products: Amendment to Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009 published

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The already repeatedly announced extension of declarable fragrance allergens from 26 to 82 compounds in the course of the publication of the amending Regulation (EC) No. 2023/1545 amending Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009, which enters into force on 15.08.2023, has now been adopted.


In order for cosmetic products to comply with the current legal requirements, the transition periods of three or five years must be taken into account.

New 56 fragrance allergens

In concrete terms, this means that cosmetic products containing one or more of the new 56 allergenic fragrances and not declared accordingly in the list of ingredients (INCIs) may still be placed on the market within the EU until 31 July 2026 and made available on the EU market until 31 July 2028.

Be on the safe side early and check now whether your product range complies with all new requirements. Our cosmetics experts at WESSLING will be happy to assist you with their know-how and our portfolio of analytical tests.

Fragrance Lilial in cosmetic products

By the way - the Safety Gate: the EU rapid alert system for dangerous non-food products still draws attention to products containing the fragrance Lilial, which has been banned since 1 March 2022. There may therefore be an urgent need for action by producers and distributors. 

Take the appropriate steps in time so that after the end of the transitional period of three or five years, the newly declarable 56 allergenic fragrances on your products are available on the market declared in conformity with the law. This is the only way to prevent a notification in the EU rapid alert system!

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