Apprenticeship successfully completed after only 2.5 years

Four of the apprentices at WESSLING’s Altenberge and Münster locations can now officially call themselves chemical laboratory technicians. They completed their training very successfully, and that too with a shortened training period of 2.5 years instead of the usual three years. Congratulations from all colleagues!

From left: Managing Director Florian Weßling congratulated Judith Wortmann, Chantal Kablau and Artur Gettmann to the successful completion of their apprenticeships as chemical laboratory technicians. Not in the picture is the fourth examinee, John Maier.

The four of them passed their exams with excellent or very good results. That alone is a great reason to be happy. The fact that they had to complete most of their apprenticeship during the Corona pandemic makes this great result even more special.

High motivation and great commitment

The four examinees showed high motivation and great commitment during their apprenticeship. During a small ceremony, which was also attended by Managing Director Florian Weßling, this was once again emphasised by the two in-house trainers for chemical laboratory technicians, Iris Eißing and Simone Sommer. “For example, the four of them worked independently on a project of their own: they made a short film about training to become a chemical laboratory technician at WESSLING, which we can now use to inspire pupils about training with us,” emphasises Iris Eißing. Judith Wortmann had already gained experience in presenting training to pupils before the Corona pandemic. She was on the road as a training ambassador commissioned by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce - a commitment that is expressly supported by WESSLING.

“Despite the pandemic, social interaction was not neglected in this training year. They worked in the interest of the other apprentices, because John Maier and Judith Wortmann were also members of the youth and trainee representation,” adds Simone Sommer. During the small ceremony, Florian Weßling praised the apprentices once again for their good performance and thanked them for their commitment, also on behalf of the Weßling family.

Three of the examinees will remain with the company after their apprenticeship. This means they are starting a new phase in their professional lives at WESSLING.

Apprenticeship at WESSLING

Young and interested people arrive at WESSLING to begin their training in different ways. Some start directly after completing their 10th year of secondary schooling. Others, on the other hand, through internship have already experienced what the position entails. It is not uncommon for these interns to later become apprentices. All these applicants are welcome at WESSLING. This applies not only to future chemical laboratory technicians, but also to other professions in which WESSLING provides training. You can find out what they are here.

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