WESSLING Express declaration analysis

Whether by smartphone on the construction site or from your office, you can order the declaration analysis "WESSLING Express" anywhere 24/7. You can also see at a glance when your test results will be available.

Declaration analysis of mineral waste often takes place within strict time constraint. Millions of tons of construction and demolition waste, including excavated soil, are generated in Germany every year. As a customer, you receive the analysis results on a fixed date, so that you as the customer, planner, project developer or engineer have security in your planning and the project progresses quickly and smoothly.

WESSLING Express declaration analysis – that's how it works!

Your benefits 24/7

The declaration analysis of mineral waste is often conducted under strict time constraints. We therefore offer you a special service through our customer portal, providing you with the greatest reliability possible.

  • Reservation of declaration analysis prior to project start
  • Your results are available online within three working days of the commencement of laboratory tests
  • Convenient ordering anywhere, anytime
  • Customised analysis services
  • Full cost control right from the ordering process
  • Immediate order confirmation
  • Order confirmation by your customer account manager
  • All test reports available in one centralised location
  • Current process status can always be tracked
  • You prioritise your single samples
  • Personal contact with your customer account manager
  • Export function for analysis results to other file formats

24/7 services to suit your needs

01 Reserve dates – prior to project start

You can reserve the dates for declaration analysis before the start of the project.

WESSLING Express Declaration Analysis on smartphpone

02 Place your order 27/7

You can order declaration analyses, such as German LAGA, DepV or country-specific regulations, with complete cost control anywhere and at any time. In addition, you can even prioritise individual samples.

Ordering analysis via smartphone

03 Greatest deadline reliability

You will receive the date for your test report immediately during the order process. It only takes three working days from the entry of your sample into our laboratory for declaration analysis for you to receive the results. You are always up to date on the processing status.

04 Test reports online at any time

Your personal customer account managers are always there for you and will check the results for plausibility. On the construction site or in the project - you will have all test reports available on your smartphone at a glance.

You have questions regarding the WESSLING Express declaration analysis?

We will be happy to support you.

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