• WESSLING has discontinued its operations in Morocco as of September 1, 2014. The former branch manager, Mr Nabil Zanati, takes over 100 % of the shares of the "Laboratoires WESSLING SARL".

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  • From 5th to 6th August a Chinese delegation consisting of six experts from the fields of bio-technology, metallurgy and mining as well as a representative from the Ministry for the Environment in Beijing met at WESSLING’s headquarters in Altenberge.

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  • The winners of this year’s WESSLING Innovation Award have been announced. The international company awarded total prize money of 10,000 euros to the entries with the five top ideas. All five award-winning ideas once again demonstrate WESSLING’s focus on reliable customer services. The awards went to colleagues from branches in Hungary, Italy and Germany.

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  • For the sixth time running, the WESSLING Innovation Award honoured the best innovations within the company with prize money worth a total of €10,000. The winners with the five best ideas were presented with their awards during the annual international company meeting, which this time took place in the Thuringian Forest.

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Laboratory Analysis and Engineering Services

WESSLING is one of the leading consulting, analytical and testing companies engaged in quality, safety, environment and health. 1 200 employees offer a unique range of laboratory analysis and engineering services under one roof.More about WESSLING

  • Is this Teddy Bear safe?

    Food packaging smelling of solvents, packaging parts adulterating food (e.g. colorants, acrylonitrileor ITX), plasticisers in toys made from PVC, pesticides in textiles...

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  • The WESSLING Test Label

    Make sure your customers know that your products meet the highest safety and quality standards. Applying the WESSLING test label to your product advertisement proves that...

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    Groundwater Remediation

    Conventional pump and treat methods often take a lot of time. In many cases it is not sure whether remediation targets can be reached by these methods. This means that cost calculation can be difficult: WESSLING offers new solutions.

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