WESSLING audits for the eco label Flustix Recycled

Since the launch of the Flustix initiative, WESSLING, acting as a cooperating partner and independent laboratory, has tested products for Flustix for plastic content and thereby provided the decision-making basis for awarding the eco label. A new addition is the Flustix Recycled seal with which manufacturers of products made of recycled plastic can mark the recyclate content of their goods. 

Seal Flustix Recycled
Seal Flustix Recycled

This label is of particular interest to companies who cannot completely eliminate plastics from their products, but who nevertheless want to make a contribution to environmental protection through the conscious use of recycled raw materials and thereby distinguish themselves from competitors. The experts of WESSLING audit in compliance with the certification programme Flustix Recycled, based on DIN EN ISO 14021 and DIN EN 15343.

An audit by independent institutes such as WESSLING is a prerequisite for awarding the seal. Post-consumer recyclates (PCR) and post-industrial recyclates (PIR) can obtain the seal, and a combination of both is also possible. Certification can be obtained for both the B2C and B2B sectors – for example, for food packaging, cosmetics and hygiene products, textiles, toys, household goods, products for construction applications or plastics in the automotive industry.

Flustix cycle of materials
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Benefits to you:

  • Distinction from competitors
  • Documentation of the recyclate content
  • Increased credibility through independent seal, audited by independent auditors
  • Labels as a decision-making and orientation aid for trade and consumers

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