Food Analysis for Quality and Safety

Whether your food product is going to be successful on the market mainly depends on its safety and quality. Together with our customer we create the pre-conditions by reliable analyses, knowledgeable evaluations and consistent performances of quality management and HACCP systems. WESSLING is your partner when it comes to protect your brand, minimise risks, and fulfil legal requirements. With us, you have access to a network of state-of-the-art accredited laboratories and a unique range of food analyses. This way we can ensure to provide you with our inspection results fast and on schedule. Chemical, sensory and microbiological tests, nutritional analyses, trace analyses of residues and contaminants, molecular-biological methods, allergen analyses, proof of authenticity and origin – all from a single source.

Whoever places food and other products on the market, is subject to manifold national, European and international regulations.
The state-certified food chemists at WESSLING are very experienced in dealing with this complicated variety of laws, directives, regulations, guidelines and recommendations. Be it food labelling or marketability – the experts at WESSLING consult you in a knowledgeable and reliable manner in all these issues.

Legislators are constantly demanding more and more self-responsibility from all parties involved in the food chain. For many years we have supported companies in fulfilling this increasing number of requirements. Numerous standards for food safety and its quality provide the consumer with confidence in the products of the food industry. WESSLING consults you in implementing these standards in your operations. We are also glad to assist you as a partner in error and problem prevention.

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