Occupational health and safety

Health and safety for all employees are a top priority of every building project. Depending on the size of the project, the developer is obliged to appoint a health and safety (H&S) coordinator.

H&S coordinator on the building site

When is an H&S coordinator necessary and what are their duties?

According to § 3 of the Building Site Ordinance, every developer of a building site is required to engage an H&S coordinator.where employees from several companies are active. Developers who cannot perform the function of H&S coordinator themselves must appoint a coordinator.

This is where WESSLING experts in occupational health and safety come into play. As H&S coordinators, they ensure that the activities of all contractors operating on the site conform to the Building Site Ordinance. In addition, a health and safety (H&S) plan is formulated when particularly hazardous work is to be carried out (e.g. work at a potential fall height exceeding 7 m).

Safety coordination for all phases of your project

Whether with in the planning or construction phase, the WESSLING experts have extensive experience in all areas of building site safety and bring a high level of specialisation to your H&S coordination projects. In drawing up the required H&S plan, they consider all trades involved in the building project. This review often also reveals possibilities for improving process coordination. The WESSLING experts therefore think through the operations on the building site systematically and across all the trades, anticipating hazards and putting in place the necessary coordination arrangements.

Your contact for the topic of H&S coordination

As H&S coordinator, WESSLING offers you the following services:

In the planning and assessment phase:

  • Drawing up safety concepts on the basis of the construction plans and in accordance with the Building Site Ordinance
  • Issuing prior notice according to § 2 of the Building Site Ordinance
  • Assessing any safety or health risks and developing practical solutions
  • Constantly adapting the construction work to computer-based health and safety plans
  • Defining safety facilities shared by several trades
  • Drawing up building site regulations

During construction:

  • Reviewing offers for compliance with health and safety requirements
  • Compiling a characteristics document for subsequent work on the building
  • Inspecting the construction work for fulfilment of the contractually agreed safety requirements
  • Conducting and leading construction meetings
  • On-site safety inspections
WESSLING industry

Explosion protection

Risk minimisation through the expertise of WESSLING experts

Many branches of industry work with hazardous materials. WESSLING analyses the hazards and permanently prevents the formation of explosive atmospheres.

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WESSLING protects plants, people and jobs.

Fire safety

Fire safety by the experts: WESSLING protects plants, people and jobs

Contractors and property owners are responsible to ensure that the statutory fire regulations are met and the appropriate measures taken. Through effective, legally compliant fire safety measures, WESSLING minimises the risks to your company and your employees.

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Worker checks solar system

Occupatational safety management systems

WESSLING offers tailor-made management systems for all aspects

We organise systematic occupational safety management with you. For business success is based on motivated employees who place themselves and their services at the disposal of the company. This makes it all the more important for every company to protect the health of its employees and prevent accidents.

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Produktionsanlage mit Brandschutzplan

Workplace measurements

We ensure health protection through hazardous substance measurements

To protect your employees and eliminate hazards at the workplace, you have to check the levels: regular hazardous substance measurements at the workplace ensure the well-being of the employees and the whole company.

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Current news regarding occupational health and safety

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industrial plant

IED Directive and Baseline Report (BR) – Shutdown Report (SR) and Monitoring Concept – Requirements for plant operators

The IED Directive imposes obligations on operators of industrial installations for the preparation of baseline reports (BR) and for monitoring.

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Hygiene concepts for indoor spaces at risk of infection

WESSLING develops individual hygiene concepts for properties based on targeted building inspections and taking into account the current state of knowledge on the Corona pandemic.

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IFUA is now part of WESSLING

Managing directors of WESSLING GmbH and IFUA Projekt GmbH

WESSLING is expanding with the Bielefeld-based appraisal and expert office IFUA Projekt GmbH.

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