Sustainable development of sites

The economic potential of a site is essentially dependent on the condition of the subsoil. WESSLING ensures clarity in the topic of site development, from the exploration of construction ground, contaminated sites to advice on land recycling.

Land recycling as part of site management

The term site is understood and defined differently by every person: the farmer means his cultivated area, a company its production and operating area, the forester his forest, the mayor the residential and industrial area available to the citizens and entrepreneurs of his town, families their living space and children their play areas. What they all have in common is that they are not available in unlimited quantities.

Our tasks for sustainable site development

WESSLING supports you in site development with consulting and planning services pertaining to construction ground, contaminated sites, land recycling, soil and groundwater remediation from a single source. We create the basis for the successful implementation of your project through in-depth technical evaluations of the construction ground, old buildings and contaminated sites. We can carry out economic feasibility studies for various usage scenarios even during the early phase of the project.

Our engineers offer extensive experience from major projects across all project phases: from historical research, exploration, design, implementation and approval planning, tendering and contract award to construction management, expert support and supervision as well as documentation. So you receive cost certainty as well as precise scheduling and deadline monitoring.

Your contact for construction ground, land recycling, contaminated sites:

Christoph Wortmann
„At WESSLING, many years of experience in the fields of construction ground, contaminated site investigation and remediation as well as economic know-how intermesh to offer you maximum possible cost and planning security. Feel free to contact us!“

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Safety and occupational health coordinator – safety and health protection at your construction site

Depending on the type, scope and duration of a construction project, the owner of the building is obliged to appoint a safety and occupational health coordinator (SiGeKo). WESSLING takes over the tasks of a SiGeKo for you.

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industrial plant

IED Directive and Baseline Report (BR) – Shutdown Report (SR) and Monitoring Concept – Requirements for plant operators

The IED Directive imposes obligations on operators of industrial installations for the preparation of baseline reports (BR) and for monitoring.

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