Real estate sector: Quality, cost and schedule reliabilty

Whether they involve land recycling or building on greenfield sites: projects require efficient planning by specialists who understand the industry. This is precisely what defines our problem solving expertise.

Workers in the project implementation

The WESSLING engineers and experts are familiar with all of the details of your industry and provide maximum planning and cost security in each phase of the real estate cycle, thanks to their know-how and long-term project experience. Here, the focus is always placed on quality, schedule and cost controlling.

Customers from the fields of asset, property and facility management, the public sector, the private real estate sector, industry, the construction industry and corporate REM (Real Estate Management) have been working confidently with us for over 30 years.

We provide the decision-making criteria for implementing your project

We always adapt our approach according to the history and the respective potentials of the real estate: with the Environmental Due Diligence Audit (EDDA) and further investigations, we provide important decision-making criteria for implementing your project even during the purchase or sale process. For the development of existing sites, we advise you on remediation measures for polluted properties and the dismantling of existing buildings. We integrate the topic of construction ground into our holistic analysis.

We ensure the performance of your assets with our know-how in the areas of construction in existing contexts (BiB), health and safety coordination and fire protection. During the remediation of asbestos, for instance, we perform the necessary analyses in good time in our in-house laboratories. This means  saving you time and money.

In internal rooms and buildings, we record and evaluate the pollution situation due to harmful construction materials, mould or fibre dust through specific indoor air measurements, for instance. Sampling, laboratory analyses and evaluation from one source are ensured in this process.

We also advise you on the usability of real estate as per the guidelines:

  • VDI 6022 - Hygiene of ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • VDI 6023 - Hygiene of drinking water systems and
  • VDI 2047 - Hygiene of evaporation cooling systems.

The topic of "green building", which includes energy efficiency and ecology for new buildings, rounds off our service portfolio.

Those who know a lot can plan perfectly

WESSLING systematically combines expertise from over 40 professional fields for interdisciplinary solution approaches for you. Our specialist engineers and scientists, technicians and laboratory specialists apply their extensive knowledge of the industry in a hands-on manner to ensure that your real estate industry project or operation is a success. WESSLING deals with all types of buildings: residential, office and production buildings, public sector and welfare buildings (schools, hospitals, etc.). Our environmental consulting service portfolio also includes the analysis of commercial and industrial sites, unused fallow land as well as other areas and properties.

For you, our holistic approach means security, planning reliability and profitability over the entire life cycle of real estate or a property. Find more informations about environmental analysis at WESSLING here.

Your contact for the topic of environmental consulting:

We will be happy to support you.

Christoph Wortmann

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