Big Data in the lab

WESSLING Expert Dr Michael Winterstein at the Laboratory and Quality Forum

What does big data actually mean when it comes to the laboratory? WESSLING expert Dr Michael Winterstein fascinated the audience attending the Laboratory and Quality Forum in Mainz for over a an hour and a half.

With inspiring enthusiasm, Dr Winterstein, a graduate physicist, who has been an analytical expert at WESSLING for several decades, provided an insight into the possibilities of big data, data science and artificial intelligence in laboratories for laboratory and quality managers. At the annual two-day Laboratory and Quality Forum, he explained what is hidden behind the buzzwords big data and how to extract valuable knowledge from data volumes.

The idea to share this knowledge was developed together with Dr Klinkner from the training company Dr. Klinkner & Partner. Michael Winterstein showed that algorithms need not to be frightening, but that they were simple, albeit very complex, mathematical methods that even a layman can more or less comprehend. What is artificial intelligence, what is data science? What are the possible applications? Would it not be wonderful if measuring devices indicated that a failure was imminent before it happened? Maintenance then could already be undertaken, thereby preventing the failure. Can a system predict or perform an audit from past information? Big data algorithms can be used for such exciting questions.

Dr Michael Winterstein has used the technology of neuronal networks in his daily work for many years, for example to identify the cause of soil contamination. These data mining methods can be used to identify complex interrelationships that, due to their complexity, could not be grasped by the human mind. Against the background of these experiences, Michael Winterstein also appealed to the Laboratory and Quality Forum for further education in order to master the challenges of digitalisation and artificial intelligence. And with that the questioning title of the lecture "Big Data - a hype that passes?" explains itself quite naturally.

If you are interested in a presentation (in German) by Dr Winterstein, please do not hesitate to contact us via email.

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