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paper napkins are disposable food contact materials

Colour fastness and optical brighteners – new standards bring changes in test requirements for paper

On 1 February 2019, new standards were published for testing the colour fastness of coloured papers (EN 646:2019-02) and optical brightened papers (EN 648:2019-02). This has resulted in changes in laboratory analysis.

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Car tyres a wet road

Microplastics in the environment – Current status of research

What is the current status of the expert discussion on microplastics in the environment? An overview of the debate is now provided by a publication of the BMBF, to which our WESSLING microplastics expert Dr Jens Reiber contributed.

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Film zur Verleihung des Deutschen Gefahrstoffschutzpreises 2018

German Hazardous Substance Protection Award 2018

The Waterways and Shipping Authority of the German city of Trier was granted the German Hazardous Substance Protection Award. A method for low-emission work with asbestos contamination developed in close cooperation with WESSLING convinced the jury.

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Award ceremony: Study Award for the best master's thesis in the field of food chemistry

How our body processes moulds in food

How does our body process mould toxins ingested with food? Jonas Specht was recently granted the Study Award for the best master's thesis in the field of food chemistry for his outstanding master's thesis on this topic by WESSLING.

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organic apples in a tree

Updated range of active substances in plant protection products

Analysis and evaluation of residues of plant protection

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WESSLING Mitarbeiter Selfie

WESSLING is one of the best employers in Germany

WESSLING convinced in the largest employer survey and made it into the top 100 in Germany. The results of the Trendence Absolventenbarometer 2018 have now been published in the magazine CHEManager.

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Conformity checks, labelling checks and declaration checks for cosmetic products at WESSLING

Determination of ricinine content in cosmetic products

The experts at WESSLING succeeded in making it possible to determine the ricinine content in cosmetic products:

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Acrylamid Verordnung

Acrylamide Regulation (EU) 2017/2158 becomes effective

From 11/04/2018, Regulation (EU) 2017/2158 of 20/11/2017 applies. This regulation lays down minimisation measures and guide values for reducing the acrylamide content in food.

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WESSLING Innovation Award 2018

“A lived culture of innovation is our motivation“

Faster, more precise, safer – the jury of the WESSLING Innovation Award 2018 was impressed by a new detection method for legionella that takes just a few hours.

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