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Anna Weßling and Arnold Gehlen run WESSLING Group

Anna Weßling and Arnold Gehlen manage the business of the international WESSLING Holding GmbH & Co. KG.

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Big Data in the lab

WESSLING Expert Dr Michael Winterstein at the Laboratory and Quality Forum

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WESSLING bets on bees

With a beehive located at the company headquarters in Altenberge, WESSLING is setting another example for environmental protection and the preservation of biodiversity.

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The new WESSLING Apprentices 2019

Junior employees meet up with “experienced hands”

WESSLING deliberately promotes good networking among young professionals, beyond its locations and specialist departments. For the twelfth time Diana Weßling Dr Erwin Weßling had invited all apprentices to the apprentice breakfast.

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Pharmaceutical residues in phosphorus recyclates from sewage sludge

Little has been known about drug residues in sewage sludge and phosphorus recycling products produced from it. The first steps towards an assessment of their impact have now been taken within the framework of a study in which WESSLING was involved.

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plastic bag swimming in the sea

Microplastics analysis at WESSLING

Microplastics are no longer just in the oceans, but everywhere in the environment. WESSLING is investigating their occurrence not only in water and soil, but also in the air, in compost, as abrasion particles from textiles, in cosmetics and in food.

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Bamboo dishes that contain plastic

WESSLING experts analyse and evaluate the specific migration of melamine and formaldehyde from so-called bamboo dishes. They also assess their sensory quality and product labelling.

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Hemp – new superfood?

Hemp products are becoming increasingly popular as food. WESSLING offers comprehen-sive laboratory analysis of hemp-containing foods.

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Safety assessment for cosmetic products

Two success stories combine to ensure a strong future: Christ Industrie Consulting and WESSLING merge their operations and bring their combined experience to the cosmetics industry customers.

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