The shareholders of the family business in the second generation

As managing partners, Julia and Florian Weßling are responsible for WESSLING GmbH in Germany. In her role as managing director, Julia Weßling also controls the direction of the international WESSLING Group.

Die geschäftsführenden Gesellschafter Julia Weßling und Florian Weßling sowie die Gesellschafterinnen Anna und Diana Weßling

Diana Weßling acts as representative and spokesperson for the family of partners in the various networks as well as in the work with associations and committees. Anna Weßling spent five years building up the Shanghai arm of the business and is now responsible for the development of international operations in China and international business.

Company founder and Chair of the Advisory Board

Dr Erwin Weßling

Dr Erwin Weßling

Company founder Dr Erwin Weßling is Chair of the Advisory Board which is composed of four members who are all experts in industry and science.

Management directors of WESSLING Germany

Julia Weßling

Julia Weßling

Florian Weßling

Florian Weßling

Marc Hitzke

Marc Hitzke

Management directors of the international sites

Get to know the faces that characterise WESSLING in Europe and China.

Julia Weßling

WESSLING Group & Germany

Julia Weßling

Managing Shareholder WESSLING Group (WESSLING Holding GmbH & Co. KG) and Managing Shareholder WESSLING GmbH (Germany)

Jean-François Campens


Jean-François Campens

Managing Director Laboratoires WESSLING S.A.R.L. (WESSLING France)

Aneta Chochorek


Aneta Chochorek

Managing Director WESSLING Polska sp.z o.o. (WESSLING Poland)

Ioan Hasegan


Ioan Hasegan

Managing Director WESSLING România SRL (WESSLING Romania)

Dr. László Zanathy


László Zanathy

Managing Director WESSLING Hungary Kft. (WESSLING Hungary)

Yulia Yartseva


Yulia Yartseva

Managing Director ООО «Лаборатории Весслинг» / OOO WESSLING Laboratorien (WESSLING Moskow, Russia)

Michael Jahnz


Dr Michael Jahnz

Managing Director WESSLING Consulting (Shanghai) Ltd. / 维斯聆环保信息咨询(上海)有限公司 (WESSLING Shanghai, China)

Dr. Heinrich Kalt


Dr Heinrich Kalt

Managing Director WESSLING Switzerland

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Microplastics analysis at WESSLING

Microplastics are no longer just in the oceans, but everywhere in the environment. WESSLING is investigating their occurrence not only in water and soil, but also in the air, in compost, as abrasion particles from textiles, in cosmetics and in food.

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Bamboo dishes that contain plastic

WESSLING experts analyse and evaluate the specific migration of melamine and formaldehyde from so-called bamboo dishes. They also assess their sensory quality and product labelling.

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