“An innovation is more than just a good idea”

Innovation was present in every respect at this year's presentation of the WESSLING Innovation Award, which is endowed with 10,000 euros, as not only did the award-winning ideas radiate with the innovative power of WESSLING, but also the award ceremony itself. The event reflected the belief that in challenging times we may need to rethink the way we operate and do business. Due to the restrictions imposed by COVID-19, this year’s event was a digital award ceremony instead of the traditional personal one, which was no less festive, and held via live streaming from eight countries, in a great atmosphere.

Winners of the WESSLING Innovation Award 2020
Congratulations to the winners of the WESSLING Innovation Award 2020!

And the winners are:

Péter Lovászi from the WESSLING location in Budapest convinced the jury with his innovation to improve laboratory processes. His idea of a new cleaning process for laboratory vessels reduces the amount of solvent vapours in the ambient air, and thereby not only improves air quality but also saves time and money.

Another award went to Dr Judith Scharte from the German WESSLING location in Altenberge and Dr Adrienn Micsinai from WESSLING Budapest. During their international cooperation they developed new analysis methods to detect viruses on surfaces, in food and in environmental samples. This method enables WESSLING to support customers in assessing the effectiveness of hygiene measures, for example, in schools or slaughterhouses. Identifying potential risks in good time helps customers to prevent the spread of viruses.

Gábor Bordós, who is also with WESSLING Hungary, received the award for validating a microplastics sampling system that can be used to determine, more precisely, where the ideal sampling depth in water bodies lies. This is important in order to obtain exact values for the concentration of microplastics for the analysis that follows. This innovation can be seen as the company's response to increasing customer requests for analysis and sampling of microplastics in water bodies.

“An innovation is more than just a good idea”, Julia Wessling, shareholder and innovation manager at WESSLING, emphasises. On selecting ideas for the award, the jury attaches great importance to the fact that it is a technical or organisational innovation that also fully convinces in terms of implementation. This objective is achieved by responding to customer needs and recognising trends in good time, which is an important continuous process for leading a company into a strong and healthy future. This spirit of innovation is firmly anchored in the corporate culture of WESSLING and is specifically promoted by various internal processes, such as an Innovation Management System. “We advise customers from a wide range of sectors and are known to them as problem solvers, and as a company that provides flexible and innovative answers to new questions. We therefore attach great importance to a targeted promotion of innovations”, says Julia Wessling.